Billing Aquadrome, Northampton.


As the logo says, I’m retired, so this website is intended to share my pictures with friends and family. These days my photography is an all absorbing hobby to occupy some of my free time. I still do portraits and events for people I know because I love doing them. Unfortunately at the time of writing most of my previous work was all on film, much of which has been lost, so the pictures here are not necessarily my best. They are just ones I fancy posting or ones that have meaning to a few others that will be looking on here.


As far back as I can remember I have had a camera, some were fitted with a flash reflector that opened up like a fan and into which was placed a flash bulb. I still have my first camera an Agfa roll film, bellows camera.

I trained in London and qualified as a photographer back in the swinging 60’s, when it was 99% black and white. However peer pressure from family moved me into a “proper” job, where I stayed for most of my working life, with photography being mainly a hobby but with regular part time assignments. When I was in my late 40’s redundancy forced me to take stock of my career choices and as a result I decided to re-qualify and do what I loved the most – Taking photographs. I was accepted into the Master Photographers Association and after a short stint managing a studio in Peterborough, I opened my own in our local town where I specialised in weddings, family and pet portraits, events and commercial work. For around ten years I did quite well but an illness forced me to retire early and during my time away which was several years I lost a lot of equipment and pictures/negatives as the studio was wound up in my absence.


I am back and loving every minute of my hobby again, whilst trying to teach “an old dog new tricks”, in the new digital age. 

Street photography is where I started and I had forgotten about this genre for so many years, but now I have the time, I am back on the streets. If you are visiting this site because I took your photograph and you would like a copy, drop me an email and I’ll be glad to send you the image file(s).

For more "Street" photos see my page on Flickr